Our Photographers are experienced and certified to capture your timeless memories. We believe that every person that comes in front of the lens has a story to tell and its our aim to bring that out in a single frame. It is the in between moments we look for on a shoot and that's where we try to find the magic.

Our production team are the best in the business and can deliver on any scope, whether it be simple still photography or more complex high end production work.


Our exclusive resort offer for the Maldives provides a risk free approach and highly attractive revenue shares adding large profit to your bottom line.


A holiday to the Maldives for many is a once in a lifetime opportunity. So, the perfect photo or video to capture this moment is priceless. 

Our photographers are experts when it comes to high definition photography or filming and are internationally certified and insured.

The team behind SKYZ comes from a variety of high-profile media, business and photography backgrounds. We are passionate about creating stunning imagery and are dedicated to providing our customers amazing results.


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